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Here’s why you should invest in an Outback BBQ

Last updated on 24/05/2023

Picture the idyllic summer night. It is 9 o’clock. The sun is setting over a cloudless sky. You have spent the evening with your closest friends and family, enjoying and sharing in their company. The weather has been so enjoyable that you have spent the entire evening outside in your garden. You have feasted on an abundance of food and drink. Burgers, chicken skewers, hotdogs, ribs, chops and more have been enjoyed along with as many desserts as is humanly possible to eat.

The question remains. How have you pulled it off? You had no say in the weather. You were at the mercy of those who you invited. What was in your control was how you served up the food. On those long summer nights there is nothing quite like the taste of freshly barbequed cuisine. With the Outback BBQ collection, you can deliver on quality and quantity, at a price that is affordable.

The Outback range has something to suit everyone – from the enthusiast to the novice. Here are some reasons why you should invest in an Outback BBQ:


Firstly, and most importantly, Outback gives you options. Charcoal, gas, and hybrid BBQs provide you with a choice dependent on your enthusiasm and expertise when it comes to outdoor dining.

For traditionalists an Outback charcoal outdoor grill, like the Omega 201 or the Comet Kettle, delivers the perfect charcoal grilling experience. Choose from a collection of stunning and stylish charcoal barbecue grills for that authentic flame-grilled experience that you have always wanted.

Omega 201 - Comet Kettle
Omega 201 // Comet Kettle

Premium gas barbecues, such as the Omega 250, have built in accessories and interchangeable features such as the multi-cooking surface system. If versatility is what you seek, then the gas BBQ is ideal for you.

Omega 250
Omega 250

Or enjoy an unparalleled grilling experience with a hybrid barbecue that blends the control of gas with the traditional taste of charcoal. The Magnum 3 Burner or the Jupiter 4 Burner are the pinnacle in this department.


Secondly, Outback provides a quality cooking experience. Their outdoor barbecues combine style and cutting-edge technology that delivers for any occasion. The multi-cooking surface system on the Jupiter 4 Burner Hybrid, allows the interchangeable grill to be switched to use a pizza stone, griddle or skillet pan. You can cook a variety of foods without compromising on excellence.

Jupiter 4 Burner
Jupiter 4 Burner

Whether you are looking for a simple outdoor barbecue or something on a grander scale, we have something that will not only impress your friends and family but will deliver on taste regardless of what you are cooking or who you are cooking for.


Thirdly, Outback products are affordable. For as little as £135 you can get the outdoor cooking experience you have always dreamt of. Typically, charcoal barbecuing presents a cheaper option, particularly for those who don’t BBQ often or only on a rare occasion. With that said, you can still buy our Omega 250 2 Burner Gas BBQ and get the grilling experience for just over £200.

If you have a more sizeable budget, then you may consider branching out into the hybrid 3 or 4 burner options for comprehensive grilling. If you are having an outdoor event and serving between ten to fifteen people, the bigger the better. The Magnum 3 Burner Hybrid comes in at £430. With three stainless steel burners, an additional side burner and warming rack to keep your cooked meats and veg warm, the Magnum packs a punch that will blow your competition out of the water.

Magnum 3 Burner
Magnum 3 Burner


Finally, Outback brings the required accessories needed to cook outdoors. A BBQ alone won’t get you prepared to feed your hungry guests. Baskets, cleaning equipment, covers and tools are only some of the accessories we have available that will make your outdoor dining less stressful and much simpler to execute.

You can view all of our accessories here.

To explore all of our Outback BBQ’s, with helpful information such as specification, price and more then you can view them here.

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