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Our top 5 doors at Killeen Hardware!

Last updated on 26/05/2023

We sell doors daily – here are some of our favourites and best sellers.

MEXICANO – one of our most popular selling doors. The classic sheeted design is available in oak, white primed and laminate versions. Our oak Mexicano provides an elegant wood grain with a solid engineered core and is available in a FD30 fire rated version.

The white primed Mexicano is a sleek, contemporary upgrade but with the robustness of a solid engineered core that makes it a perfect choice for new build homes.The pearl grey laminate Mexicano blends the traditional wood grain effect with a modern take. It is guaranteed to stand out and complements light coloured walls and architraves.

The Mexicano is a classic for a reason!

Mexicano Doors
Mexicano Doors

SHAKER – whether it is single panel or four panel the Shaker door completes any room. Available in a range of finishes – from oak and white primed to walnut and laminate – the Shaker door brings a timeless and stylish feel to your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

With a solid engineered core and sturdy construction, the Shaker is suitable for any room in your home. Raised mouldings give it a dynamic presence without compromising on style.

The Shaker door is an excellent choice for those who want to add a touch of classic elegance to their home.

Shaker Doors
Shaker Doors

4 PANEL – the four-panel door is a classic. Its versatility makes it one of the most popular and consistently featured door ranges in homes around the country.

Four panel doors are so popular because they work well in both traditional and contemporary interior design schemes. In a variety of unique designs, the four-panel door allows you to pick from our range of mouldings that compliment your taste.

From the simple but refined oak colonial to our luxury primed Cotswold, you have an abundance of choice at Killeen Hardware. Choose between oak, HDF, walnut, pine and much more!

4 Pannel Doors
4 Panel Doors

GLAZED – For a natural flow of light from room to room, our selection of glazed doors can help you transform your living space. From our glazed shaker to our 2 panel/2 pane doors you can choose how much light you want to enter each room and which style complements your home’s décor.

One of the many benefits of glazing is the warm, welcoming effect it can have on any living area. Additionally, by allowing light to travel it can create a perception of increased space, making a room appear larger than it is.

Etched and obscured glazing can provide an element of privacy. Our extensive range of glazed doors gives you the ability to find a door for you!

Glazed Doors
Glazed Doors

LADDER – Not as striking as the Mexicano or as elegant as the Shaker, however the ladder door has a subtle sophistication if you want a door that blends in with your surroundings. Two vertical grooves run from the top to bottom accompanied by typically four vertical ones.

The White Oak Valencia, made from real American oak, is an excellent example of the modern ladder door. The white primed HP12 is a robust, solid alternative with subtler grooving while maintaining a sleek, contemporary look. Our laminate ladder doors are designed with a woodgrain effect and come in a light grey or ivory finish.

If you are looking for something modern yet minimalist, then the ladder door is the one for you!

Ladder Doors

These are just some of our favourites – if they are not to your liking then you can explore our full, exclusive range here or visit our door showroom!

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