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Caterpillar Kneepads

Caterpillar Knee Pads CW91/C156 Made from 100% EVA these ergonomically designed kneepads will fit a..


Caterpillar Tumbler Knitted Hat

Caterpillar Tumbler Knitted Hat 1120030 Classy winter hat from Caterpillar, available in three diff..


Caterpillar Holton Safety Boots

Caterpillar Holton Safety Boots One of the most iconic safety boots ever produced, the Holton has r..


Caterpillar H2O Defender Trousers

Caterpillar H2O Defender Trousers New to Caterpillar, the H2O Defender trousers are made for the ..


Caterpillar Parker Safety Boots

Caterpillar Parker Safety Boots Extremely popular chukka style work boot from Caterpillar. Working h..


Caterpillar Pelton Safety Boots

Caterpillar Pelton Safety Boots Chelsea looks and convenience combine with protection in the Pelton ..


Caterpillar Defender Insulated Bodywarmer

Caterpillar Defender Insulated Bodywarmer The Caterpillar Defender bodywarmer combines durab..


Caterpillar Defender Insulated Jacket

Caterpillar C1310014 Defender Jacket  The Caterpillar Defender work jacket is built for dura..


Caterpillar Chinook Waterproof Jacket

Caterpillar Chinook Waterproof Jacket  The Caterpillar Chinook jacket is designed for protec..