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Snickers Elastic Braces 9050

Snickers Elastic Braces 9050 Elastic all the way, these reliable braces feature wide bands to eve..


Snickers Flexi Hammer Holder Metal 9082

Snickers Flexi Hammer Holder 9082 A popular standard. A metal hammer holder that features a smart..


Snickers Hammer Holder 9716

Snickers Hammer Holder 9716 Advanced, hard-wearing hammer holder with ergonomic design. Angled for e..


Snickers Kneepads Certified 9110

Snickers Craftsmen Kneepads 9110 Save your knees with the latest in EN 14404 certified knee protecti..


Snickers Reversible Beanie 9057

Snickers Reversible Beanie 9057 A bright idea. Keep your head warm and visible in this soft and com..


Snickers Canvas Cap 9074

Snickers 'Baseball' Canvas Cap 9074 Top it off with this top quality cap. Smartly designed for a ..


Snickers Ergonomic Belt 9025

Snickers Ergonomic Belt 9025 Experience this high top quality elastic belt with a distinctive a..


Snickers Floorlayer Kneepads 9118

Snickers Floorlayer Kneepads 9118 The floorlayer's certified knee protection. Kneepads that mai..