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Bond It Lami-Mate

Bond It Lami-Mate is a polymer enhanced, flexible sealant and gap-filler designed for sealing all w..


Exitex Elast-O-Sealant

Exitex Elast-O-Sealant is an all-weather sealant which adheres to both wet and dry surfaces. Sticks..


Larsen Lead Sealant

Larsen Lead Sealant is a one-part low modulus, flexible sealant formulated specifically for use wit..


Mould X anti-mould silicone

Anti-Mould Silicone is a premium grade silicone sealant containing powerful anti-fungal compounds t..


Panabond Flexible All Weather Sealant 300ml

Panabond All Weather Sealant is a flexible outdoor silicone sealant which is suitable for wet cond..


Xcel UBS

Xcel UBS is a high quality MC Polymer adhesive and sealant and is multi-purpose, suitable for both ..


ARC Multi-Purpose Silicone 300ml

ARC Multi-Purpose Silicone is a mould resistant high performance silicone sealant with high flexibil..


Classi Neutral Cure Sanitary Silicone 310ml

Classi Neutral Cure Sanitary Grade Silicone is a premium low modulus silicone which has been specif..


DAP Concrete & Mortar Filler & Sealant 300ml

DAP Concrete silicone is a high performance, latex-based sealant formulated to repair cracks and ho..


Soudal Fix All Crystal 290ml

Soudal Fix All Crystal clear silicone is a 100% clear silicone suitable for all interior and exteri..


ARC Flexible Wood Sealant 300ml

ARC Flexible Wood Sealant is an odourless, sandable, flexible wood sealant. Ideal for any jobs invo..


Solvall Sealfix 290ml

Sealfix is a specially developed hybrid polymer, which can be used on nearly all materials. Se..


TEC7 Roof 7 310ml

TEC7 Roof 7 is part of the TEC7 family, one of the best known brands for sealants and adhesives. Ro..


ARC Glazing and Construction Silicone 300ml

ARC Glazing and Construction Silicone is a low modulus  neutral curing superior grade silicone ..


TEC7 310ml

TEC 7 is one of the best known brands for sealants and adhesives, with multiple applications it is ..


TEC7 Trans 7 310ml

TEC7 Trans 7 is part of the TEC7 family and is one of the best known brands for sealants and adhesi..


Soudal Stay Fresh Sealant 300ml

Soudal Stay Fresh is a high quality silicone sealant that eliminates most problems associated with ..