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DRAPER 150mm Soft Grip Hardpoint Plasterboard Saw

Designed for cutting plasterboard, chipboard or hardboard. Double bevel hardened teeth and soft grip..


DRAPER 240mm Tri-Cut Pull Saw

Triple ground pull saw. Manufactured from hardened and tempered carbon steel with a 14TPI bevel toot..


DRAPER 250mm Hardpoint Dovetail Saw

Ultra thin polished 10 TPI blade enhances cutting performance and the reinforced back provides extra..


DRAPER Coping Saw and 5 Blades

Chrome plated frame with wooden handle and Supplied with five assorted blades. Blade can be turned t..


DRAPER Expert 295mm Throat Fretsaw Frame and Blade

Expert Quality, plated frame with wooden handle and Supplied with 18tpi blade. Throat depth 295mm. D..


DRAPER Pistol Grip Mini Saw

Specially designed for small cutting jobs on metal, wood, etc., where space is limited. Metal frame ..


DRAPER Venom® Double Ground Floorboard Saw

Saw blades manufactured from high quality carbon steel, that’s been correctly hardened, tempered, st..


KNIPEX Fully Insulated Junior Hacksaw Frame

Professional Quality, tested to 10,000V and insulated to 1000V AC and 1500V DC for live line working..


BAHCO Handsaw 22” 244 + Barracuda

The Bahco 244 + Barracuda is a fantastic hand saw that is the next step up form the popular Bahco 2..


BAHCO Handsaw 22” 244P-XT

The Bahco 244P-XT saw is the third stage in Bahco’s saw range, each stage improving upon the last. ..


BAHCO Handsaw 22” 244

The Bahco 244 Handsaw is the most popular saw on the market and has dominated the market for over 1..