Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment
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Portwest Direct Vent Goggles PW20

Portwest Direct Vent Goggles PW20 Direct vent goggle which restrict the influx of liquids and du..


Portwest Visitor Safety Spectacle

Moulded-in brow guard and vented side shields. Material - Polycarbonate Colour - Clear..


Portwest Classic Ear Protectors

Portwest Classic Ear Protectors Lightweight and robust, the PW40 has a multiple position headban..


Portwest Clip-on Ear Protector

Portwest Clip-on Ear Protector These helmet mounted ear protectors have been assembled with larg..


Portwest Indirect Vented Safety Goggles PW21

Portwest Indirect Vented Safety Goggles PW21 This chemical splash goggle features vent caps to r..


Riley Stream Protective Safety Glasses

Models in the Riley® STREAMTM range offer a perfect blend of safety, stylish modernity and spor..

Portwest Electronic Ear Muff PREORDER

Portwest Electronic Ear Muff

Portwest Electronic Ear Muff Fully-functioning electronic protector that automatically compress ..


Portwest Endurance Safety Helmet PP

Portwest Endurance Safety Helmet PP Low profile shell design helmet is constructed using high-de..


Portwest Profile Safety Spectacle PW34

Portwest Profile Safety Spectacles PW34 These frameless safety glasses are designed with safety,..


Efco Chainsaw Pro-Glove

Efco universal utility gloves are made of elasticised polyester with real leather (back), ..


JSP Bushmaster Poly Safety Visor

This forestry unit from JSP is designed for maximum comfort and optimum protection for users where h..


Oregon Yukon Forestry Safety Helmet 562412

This Oregon safety combination helmet is ideal for chainsawing. Giving protection to face, eyes, ear..


Efco Chainsaw Trousers

Efco offers a range of professional chain-resistant trousers specifically designed fo..


Efco Chainsaw Jacket

Efco cut-resistant and work jackets combine the maximum comfort with protection from ..

Efco Chainsaw Safety Boots PREORDER

Efco Chainsaw Safety Boots

When using any chainsaw safety should be your prime consideration. Feet is one area that is normally..