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Strimmers & Brushcutters
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Oregon Semi-Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil 5Lt

Oregon 2-stroke engine oil is specially formulated for high performance air cooled 2-stroke engines ..


Tanaka TBC-2390 Petrol Strimmer 24cc

This high grade Japanese engineered straight shaft line strimmer offers the sort of build quality an..


Alpina 2-Stroke Engine Oil 1Lt

Synthetic fuel mix for 2-stroke engines with red dye, complete with handy measure batcher...


Stihl HP 2-Stroke Oil 1Lt

Top selling mineral oil two-stroke engine oil. Specially developed for STIHL engines. Excellent lubr..


EFCO Petrol Strimmer 25cc

This high quality petrol grass trimmer features Efco’s advanced Burn Right engine technology. It can..


Stiga SGT 226J Bent Shaft Strimmer 25.4cc

The Stiga SGT 226J strimmer is a petrol grass trimmer ideal for all types of jobs around y..


Tanaka Smart-Fit Brushcutter TBC-240SFS

These Smart-Fit brushcutters from Tanaka make great sense whether your a professional gardener or ho..


EFCO Stark 2500S Petrol Strimmer 25cc

The EfCO Stark 2500S has a modern 25.4cc (1.0hp – 0.75kW) 2-stroke engine which employs EFCO’s ..

EFCO 3800T Stark Petrol Brushcutter -7%

EFCO 3800T Stark Petrol Brushcutter

EFCO 3800T Stark Brushcutter The Efco Stark 3800T Petrol Brushcutter features a heavy-duty alumin..

£335.00 £310.00

Efco Stark 4400T Petrol Brushcutter 40cc

Efco describe the STARK 4400T, a heavy duty petrol brushcutter built for sustained use in tough cutt..


ProPlus Petrol Brushcutter 26cc

ProPlus Petrol Brushcutter 26cc Following on from their successful range of garden machinery, ProPl..


Stiga SBC 226J Split Shaft Brushcutter 25.4cc

The greatest choice for the maintenance of medium green areas, the new Stiga SBC 226J trimmer assure..


ProPlus Petrol Brushcutter 43cc

ProPlus Petrol Brushcutter 43cc Following on from ProPlus's successful range of garden machinery is..


Stiga SBC 252D Brushcutter 51.7cc

The Stiga SBC 252D petrol brushcutter is ideal for larger areas and banks. Designed for heavier use ..


Tanaka Brushcutter TBC-340D 33cc

Another excellent machine from Tanaka, power, balance and performance at an affordable price. For p..


Tanaka Brushcutter TBC-4200DX 40cc

The Tanaka TBC-4200DX has been designed to achieve a balance between cost and performance and built ..


Tanaka Brushcutter TBC-550DX 47cc

This quality brushcutter is designed to achieve a balance between cost and performance while more th..


ProPlus 5in1 Garden Multi-Tool 33cc

This excellent all round machine from ProPlus offers power, performance, practicality and excellent ..