Mouse/Rat Traps & Bait Boxes

Mouse/Rat Traps & Bait Boxes

Selection of domestic usable mouse and rat traps including cages, snap traps and bait boxes.

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RACAN Wooden Mouse Traps 2Pk

Over 100 years later and The “Traditional” RACO Wooden Mouse Trap is still the best selling and most..


TemoBI Rodent Glue

The TemoBI glue has been specially designed for trapping rats and other vermin. The non poisonous gl..


RACAN Plastic Mouse Snap Traps 2Pk

Loved by many. The conventional style break-back trap that is so easy to set and extremely powerful...


RACAN Rapid Pre-Baited Mouse Killer Stations 2Pk

New RACAN Rapid with patented microencapsulation technology. A pack containing 2 x baited stati..


RACAN Rapid Mouse Killer Station with Refills

New RACAN Rapid with patented microencapsulation technology. A very new concept to the UK. ..


RACAN Rat Snap Trap

RACAN Rat Snap Trap The ‘Goliath’ of rat snap traps! A very strong snap trap that will kill rats ..


RACO Mighty Mouse Trap

RACO Mighty Mouse Trap The traditional RACO Mighty mouse traps are produced to effectively kill m..


Raco Wooden Rat Trap

Powerful wooden based rat trap for pest control around the home. Simply bait ideally with peanut but..


RACAN Giant Rat and Mouse Glue Boards 2Pk

RACAN Giant Rat & Mouse Glue Boards 2Pk The Giant RACO Rat & Mouse glue boards are manufa..


RACO Force Paste Pre-baited Mouse Station

RACO FORCE PASTE  Pre-baited Mouse Station The RACO Force Pre-baited mouse station will attr..


LODI B.E.T.A. Rodent Bait Station

B.E.T.A. RODENT BAIT STATION A proven rodent bait station. This robust and fully secured bait st..


RACO Pre-baited Rat Bait Station

RACO Pre-baited Rat Bait Station The RACO Pre-baited rat station is the first reusable bait stati..