RACO Ruby Dife Bait Block 1.5Kg

RACO Ruby Dife Bait Block 1.5Kg

RACO Ruby Dife Bait Blocks 1.5Kg

RACO Problock will kill rats and mice, indoors and outdoors. A highly attractive and compressed bait block produced with up to 15 different cereals and attractants making it irresistible to rodents. The blocks are produced with defined ‘nibble edges’ that encourage feeding and ensure they eat their lethal dose fast.

The RACO Problocks have been designed with a hole through the centre so that they can be easily secured on the unique baiting rod within the RACO Pre-baited Rat Station.

• Kills rats and mice indoors and outdoors
• Highly attractive to rodents


Substance / Preparation: RACO RUBY DIFE BLOCK : Not classified as dangerous product.

Substance name Contents CAS No EC No Index No Classification
3-(3-biphenyl-4-yl-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydro-1- : 0.005 % 56073-07-5 259-978-4 607-157-00-X T+;
naphthyl)-4-hydroxycoumarin T; R48/25
N; R50-53
Specific risks: harmful if swallowed repeatedly

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