RACAN Giant Rat and Mouse Glue Boards 2Pk

RACAN Giant Rat and Mouse Glue Boards 2Pk

RACAN Giant Rat & Mouse Glue Boards 2Pk

The Giant RACO Rat & Mouse glue boards are manufactured to solve problems that have got out of control quickly. Two large solid wooden boards armed with very strong and secure glue will trap the largest of rats! The glue has a built in sweet attractant to draw rats and mice to the boards.

The boards can be used indoors and outdoors as they are manufactured on solid woodchip boards that can be used in all environments without affecting the trapping efficiency. LODI are a professional manufacturer and this is why they only supply products that are guaranteed to work, hence the reason for the ‘Giant’ size which is specifically needed when trapping rats and mice.

• Large boards for faster control
• Woodchip boards that can be used in wet and damp areas
• Glue with built in attractant
• Glue boards that can catch multiple numbers of mice and rats

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