Killeen Hardware

Stiga Collector 48 SB Lawnmower New
Stiga Collector 48 SB LawnmowerTop collecting lawnmower with additional rear discharge function,..
text_tax £265.83

Stiga Twinclip 55 SVEQ B Lawnmower New
Stiga Twinclip 55 SVEQ B Petrol LawnmowerA perfect garden in a few simple steps. The Stiga Twinc..
text_tax £607.50

Stiga Collector 43 Push Lawnmower New
Stiga Collector 43 Push LawnmowerIf you want innovation, quality and reliability, Stiga lawnmowe..
text_tax £195.83

Snapper RXT300 Ride-On Lawnmower New
Snapper RXT300 Ride-On Lawnmower 27Hp V-TwinPowered by a 8270 Twin Cylinder Briggs & Stratto..
text_tax £2,540.83

Stiga Park 340X 4WD Front Deck Lawnmower New
Stiga Park 340X 4WD Front Deck MowerThe Park 340 X is a 50:50 articulated machine, rear wheels e..
text_tax £3,579.17

Stiga Park 220 Front Deck Lawnmower New
Stiga Park 220 2WD Front Deck MowerThe Park 220 2WD is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton Power..
text_tax £2,412.50

EFCO LR53 TBX All Road Lawnmower 20"Cut New
With a wide and very time saving cutting width of 51cm/20", the Efco LR53-TBX Allroad self..
text_tax £365.83

Stiga Estate 3098H Lawn Tractor New
Stiga Estate 3098H Ride-On LawnmowerThis Estate 3098H is a high specification gar..
text_tax £1,957.50

V12 Tomahawk Safety Rigger Boots V1250The ultimate rigger now comes with a waterproof, breathabl..
text_tax £72.95

RACO Giant Rat & Mouse Glue Boards 2PkThe Giant RACO Rat & Mouse glue boards are manufac..
text_tax £5.79

V12 Socks VSOK3These socks provide unsurpassed levels of comfort with unbelievable durability. U..
text_tax £5.79

Snickers Junior Holster Pocket Trousers 7501Play hard in these work trousers, specially designed..
text_tax £31.95

Snickers Floorlayer Kneepads 9118The floorlayer's certified knee protection. Kneepads that mai..
text_tax £24.96

Energy return insoles for all V12 footwear. Available in four sizes, cut to fit and perforated ..
text_tax £5.79