Killeen Hardware

Caterpillar Tumbler Knitted Hat New
Caterpillar Tumbler Knitted Hat 1120030Classy winter hat from Caterpillar, available in three di..
text_tax £9.13

Caterpillar Kneepads New
Caterpillar Knee Pads CW91/C156Made from 100% EVA these ergonomically designed kneepads will fit..
text_tax £7.46

PUMA Cascades Mid Safety Boots New
Puma Cascades Mid Safety Boots 630210The Ultimate safety shoe for those who need a tough work sh..
text_tax £69.95

PUMA Celerity Knit Women's Safety Trainers New
Puma celerity Knit Women's Safety Trainer 642900Extremely popular safety shoe for women, the Cel..
text_tax £56.63

PUMA Fuse Technic Women's Safety Trainers New
Puma Fuse Technic Women's Safety Trainers 644110Extremely popular safety shoe for women, the Fus..
text_tax £56.63

PUMA Sierra Nevada Mid Safety Boots New
PUMA Sierra Nevada Mid Safety Boots 630220Extremely popular safety boot from Puma, the Sierra Ne..
text_tax £83.95

PUMA Pace Blue Low Safety Trainer New
PUMA Pace Low Safety Trainer 642590Leather and fabric upper with padded collar and tongue. Combi..
text_tax £64.96

PUMA Rio Low Safety Shoes New
Puma Safety Fuse Motion Low CT 642580Puma designed the Safety Fuse Motion Low CT to keep its cus..
text_tax £62.46

V12 Tomahawk Safety Rigger Boots V1250The ultimate rigger now comes with a waterproof, breathabl..
text_tax £72.95

V12 Socks VSOK3These socks provide unsurpassed levels of comfort with unbelievable durability. U..
text_tax £5.79

RACO Giant Rat & Mouse Glue Boards 2PkThe Giant RACO Rat & Mouse glue boards are manufac..
text_tax £4.96

Snickers Floorlayer Kneepads 9118The floorlayer's certified knee protection. Kneepads that mai..
text_tax £24.96

Energy return insoles for all V12 footwear. Available in four sizes, cut to fit and perforated ..
text_tax £5.79

Snickers Junior Holster Pocket Trousers 7501Play hard in these work trousers, specially designed..
text_tax £31.95

Scruffs 3D Trade Trousers -18%
Designed with an ergonomic Scruffs 3D fit for ease of movement, these hardwearing work trousers have..
£43.95 £35.95
text_tax £29.96

Scruffs Classic Tech Softshell Jacket -12%
The technical softshell from Scruffs uses a unique knit design to deliver a fully waterproof and w..
£42.95 £37.95
text_tax £31.63

Scruffs Classic Zip Thru Hoodie Fleece -12%
The Zip Thru Hoodie Fleece is a thick, hardwearing work fleece made from cotton/polyester material..
£33.95 £29.95
text_tax £24.96

Scruffs Vintage Bodywarmer/Gillet -12%
This Vintage Bodywarmer/Gillet from Scruffs is made from a durable padded polyester with a warm po..
£33.95 £29.95
text_tax £24.96

Scruffs Vintage Goods Hoodie -16%
This Vintage Hoodie from Scruffs features cracked print graphic, tubular draw cords with metal ..
£30.95 £25.95
text_tax £21.63