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Conditions of Sale

The following conditions of sale applies to all products purchased via our website and to any good purchased in store. They also apply to any contract offered by Killeen Hardware during or after the purchasing of goods. 

All our products on our website show both including and excluding VAT prices where appropriate, we reserve the right to change these prices at any time. Please take care before purchasing products and ensure you understand the amount of VAT on each item. In a situation where we have a product on our website and the price is incorrect and a sale has been made with order confirmation already sent, we reserve the right to cancel that order. 

Delivery / postage and packaging costs may vary and we reserve the right to amend our delivery charge even after the order confirmation has been sent. 

For products purchased through our website we may use a courier service, for larger items that need delivered locally we may deliver these products ourselves. Our delivery team work from 7:45am – 5:30pm but we may deliver products outside these hours, that will be arranged on an individual basis. 

To check whether we can offer our own in house delivery service to your area please contact us via email 

Full and complete delivery details must be given in order for us to fulfil a delivery, if incorrect delivery details are given and goods are placed at the address given then we are not liable for any theft or damage of those goods. Goods may be left in location without the presence of the purchaser. We are not liable for goods delivered when the purchaser isn’t present. We will deliver to local addresses and in certain circumstances we will deliver outside our local area. We will not be able to collect returnable goods without formal return procedure being adhered to. If receiving a delivery do not attempt to persuade the delivery person to collect and return goods, they will not do this. 

Before an order can be placed you must accept the terms and conditions of sale. We only sell to people over the age of 16 unless accompanied instore by an adult who is responsible for the child’s welfare. Any sales processed online must be placed by an adult, we will not knowingly process an order online for anyone under the age of 18. 

When placing an order online please ensure you check you have submitted the correct information to us, please do not purchase in haste and check any autofill details. Also please try to ensure you order the correct dimensions and size of goods, including large materials such as sheet material and basic items such as boots and clothing. If you wish to cancel an order email us at 

When you place your order, this represents an offer to purchase products from us. We’ll send you an email to confirm that we’ve received your order. However, this order confirmation email doesn’t mean that we’ve accepted your order (see below).

How to pay 


We will only accept credit/debit cards for online transactions. We may use online intermediaries such as Stripe or PayPal to process online transactions. We will not send goods until full funds have been received for all online sales. However, this doesn’t mean that your order has been accepted and if we reject your order for any reason (see below), or we can’t supply the products you’ve ordered, we’ll credit your payment card with a full refund.

We will not charge products to accounts via the website as that functionality will not be available.


You can purchase goods via cash, credit/debit card or cheque in store, however we reserve the right to reject a cheque offered. 

To charge products to an account you must sign for goods in store or arrange delivery and give verbal and written confirmation that you wish to receive goods charged to your account.  The CASH03 feature is being phased out by our business and we reserve the right to close any CASH03 account at any time. If paying with a Southern Vat number you must fill out all the required forms and comply with the law regarding the purchase of goods via these means. We reserve the right to refuse to process any Southern Vat transactions or to add admin charges for the processing of Southern Vat transactions. We can receive payments for accounts via cash, card or BACS payments. We can provide all the necessary VAT invoices for all goods purchased or charged to accounts. 

We will automatically accept your order when we receive the full payment including any additional charges and send the goods purchased out for delivery. In a situation where we have fulfilled part of your order and then fulfil a remaining part of your order each only the goods sent are within contract and any other items are covered in a new purchase contract. You can cancel any order up to the point of despatch. This policy will not infringe upon your customer cancelation rights. However, this doesn’t apply for bespoke products that have been cut or made a to your specific measurements, or personalised it for you in any other way, this right to cancel doesn’t apply. Before we’ve accepted your order, we reserve the right to tell you that your order has been rejected for any reason. All of our orders are subject to stock availability. We will aim to inform you as soon as possible if we can’t supply one or more of the products that you’ve ordered, or if the lead time is extended. If we are unable to contact you within 7 days of order confirmation we reserve the right to cancel the order. If part of your order is available but some items are not, then we’ll accept your order for the products we do have in stock. If you’ve already paid for the unavailable products, we’ll give you a refund for their purchase price.